Rock Falls

Determine effectiveness of SIMRAC research effort in improving safety
Since the establishment of the Safety in Mines Research Advisory Council (SIMRAC) in 1993, it has expended large sums of money, levied from the mines, on research to address safety and health issues in the mining industry.  SIMRAC has
Determination of remote stresses in the rock mass
Introduction  Since 1999 there has been interest from South African mines in Sigra’s In-situ Stress Measurement Tool (IST). In late 2001 Duncan Adams of SIMRAC visited Sigra’s office in Brisbane Australia to look at the
Design of pillars using field trials and back analyses
Examination of collapsed pillar cases outside of the empirical limits of Salamon and Munro’s in situ database has highlighted the need for additional parameters to be considered in the design of coal pillars. These include the
Design of pillars and methodology to assess hw in shallow mines
Design guidelines for pillars and inter-pillar HW stability in shallow mines
Design development - effective support system for tabular stopes - 2
This project follows on from project GAP 708, The Design and Development of an Effective Support System for Tabular Stopes in Gold and Platinum Mines.  The primary output of this project is to develop and surface test an effective
Database for the Support Catalogue
Computer assisted assessment of rockburst falls of ground risk
Comparison of design methodologies of roof support systems
Caving mechanisms and safety aspects of high extraction panels